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”¹ Name”GWei-Fang, Chang
”¹ Nickname: Bonnie
”¹ Birthday”G1978.7.31
”¹ Born: Taiwan
”¹ Love: Teddy Bears(of course), cat, English Breakfast tea, pasta.

Wei-Fang, Chang (Bonnie) have been sewing for only 5 years and started make bears for 3 years. When she was studying in Bachelor of Creative Art, major in Graphic Design/New Media in University of Wollongong, Australia. She found some hobbies were really needed beside the assignments. Therefore, she started to pick some wool felt to sew some cute dolls or animals. However, she was just not satisfied with making those felt toys. Then she went to learn Australian Folk Art, which is decorative painting. She started to paint flowers, and she turned to paint teddy bears, found teddy bears are really gorgeous! Because of looking for more ideas, Bonnie went to newsagent to get some bear making magazine which contents hips of beautiful bear photos.

After read those magazine, Bonne decided to give herself a go on making bears. Then she went to The Teddy Bear Shop in Wollongong and got a bear kit. Without sit in the bear making class or workshop, she just started sewing. However, she sooner found she got problems! Because she have no idea how to tight the nuts and sew the bear eyes firmly. She even didn't know how to trim the bear face. So she end up her first teddy bear just looked like a monkey!

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