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This website has a special service, which called Ӥcustom design your own teddy bearsӯ. As the customers can join us to provide their ideas for the bears, and Bonnie will make up this ONE OF KIND bears for you only.
Additionally, the embroidery the name or image on the feet is practicable, so this bears would be very personalize and have much characteristic to keep for ages.
Those are the custom design bears that I made for customers, please have a look on them, if you want to have a bear just like them, please read the order steps and then email me!

Ponex wedding couple Libeal Light Colourful bear Pinky Bear Wedding couple 2
Ocean Chinese girl P.T. Bear Scouts Bear Gu-Zheng Bear Leaf Bear
Big smile French Horn David Kan-Kan Candy Zhen-Yin

Be My Valentine's Bear show on 2011/2/11-14
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